2M International GmbH is an authorized importer and exporter as a limited company for the production of Food & Non-food items in Germany.

The main export market for 2M is South-East-Asia. With the advantage of export license, two offices in Vietnam, a chain of distribution stores in several cities in Asia with enthusiasm and experienced staff, we would like to cooperate with suppliers and Manufacturers who did, do and shall extend their market in Indochina, Asia.

Our customers including major retail multiples, wholesalers, restaurants and catering companies, with Luxury Hotels and Supermarkets. Through us, many manufacturers from various countries made their products as well as special products for gastronomes to be popular to all sections of the Asia people.

We also have our Private labels "2M" for supermarket, shops with non-food products.

Now we are working with:
  • Food Range: Dairy Products, Charcuterie, Fruits & Vegetables from Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Swiss.
  • Non-food Range: Kitchen ware from different European suppliers for the use in private or professional channels like hotel, restaurant or catering.
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