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Hotel porcelain and glassware of leading manufacturers made in Germany and other European countries bring luxury and flair on the table. We supply from the classical place cover to extravagant serving plates. Our extensive assortment corresponds to the requirements of elevated restaurants and hotels.

Everything around the Buffet: From the Induction Chafing Dish up to the beverage-dispenser we place emphasis on top-quality products. The latest launched Lightning buffet System is an special Eye-Catcher which your guests would love to explore. Fine foods from your kitchen have to present well, so that your buffet and banquet become the successful centre of your hotel. Order our current catalogue for hotel and restaurant needs here.

In the moment Food and Beverage where presented to your guests it is just the perfection of preparing it. The steps until there need high qualitfied staff and a minimum of professional equipment. We supply all the equipment to prepare luxuary food and drinks without any compromises. Just check out for our brands and catalogues and click here.

Paper-napkins belong to a well set table such as plates and table cloth. A colour co-ordinated napkin accompanies the guest from first to the last moment in your restaurant. Opposite conventional cotton napkins they have a clear cost advantage. Furthermore paper napkins allow customising the design of your table to the served food or allowing some special arrangement like wedding-menu or Christmas-dinner. Select over 200 different motives from our assortment. Order here our current catalogue for napkins, table cloths and place mats.