Non-Food Food

Italian Pasta and noodles from Germany may not be missing in an international kitchen. For our rich Pasta assortment we use excluding noodles from hard wheat semolina. In addition to this we offer fresh egg pasta from a Swabian pasta manufacturer. Ask here for our current offers.

Our sausage and meat goods from Italy, Spain, Germany and France are smoked, vacuum packed and with a shelf-life time of several months. The air-dryed original Parmaschinken, Italian „Prosciutto di Parma”, has a mild-spicy taste, is from rose-pink colour with fine fat grain, the consistency is short, but does not fall apart when cutting. Ask here for the current prices of Parma -, Serano- or Black-forests-ham products.

In our cheese assortment you find cream cheese (e.g. Ricotta), soft cheese (e.g. Brie, Camembert, Romadur, or Feta), as well as Semi-hard cheese (e.g. Gauda, Edamer or Tilsiter) and hard cheese (e.g. Emmentaler, Parmesan, Pecorino or Manchego). Depending upon sort and kind of the cheese it is made to 100 % of cow-, buffalo-, goat-, or sheep milk. Beyond that we have a variety at "Convenience products" (finished and semi finished products). These are ready made fondues, portion-packaging cheese and grated cheese, also freezing dried cheese powder, which is used in the food industry. Gladly we send you our current price list "cheese assortment". Ask here.

A good kitchen have a rich selection of oil-inserted vegetables, such as aubergine (Melanzane), Zucchini, olives, dried tomatoes, mushrooms and similar products, which usually used for Antipasti. Antipasti (singular Antipasto) is the Italian name for hors-d'oeuvres (= "before the meal"). For the restaurant need we have a variety at oil-inserted or grilled vegetables and cheese gastronomic specialities. Ask here for our current offer list.

Fish and fruits of the seas are one of the last, pure natural products, which are offered to us in a rich variety. With our range of products we particularly pay attention on the quality of the fresh or frozen fish specialities. It begins with the selection of the catch areas, over to the permission of processing and stock-companies, up to the subsequent treatment. All this serves only a purpose: To let our customers come into the benefit of very best quality. Make yourselves an impression over our assortment by contact us here.